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* Emeril's Assorted Seasonings 4 Pack

* Emeril's Assorted Seasonings 4 Pack

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Product Description

BAM!  Use Emeril's Southwest Seasoning when you want to "kick it up a notch!" This blend of herbs, peppers and spices adds the intense flavor of the American Southwest to your meats, poultry, fish and sauces. Perfect with fajitas, taco salads, and Mexican dishes 

Italian Seasoning is a no-sodium seasoning that enhances most Italian-style dishes. Add a tablespoon to any homemade or jarred sauce, heat and spoon over pasta, vegetables, or meat.

Cajun Seasoning kicks up seafood, meats, and eggs with real Creole flavor, and my Original Essence, well, that good on everything but ice cream.


    Emeril's Seasonings Assorted 4 Pack

  • Cajun Seasoning 3.45 oz.
  • Original Essence Seasoning 2.8 oz.
  • Southwest Seasoning 3.15 oz.
  • Italian Seasoning .77 oz.