Boyajian Moroccan Blend Dipping Oil 8 oz.

Boyajian Moroccan Blend Dipping Oil 8 oz.

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Product Description

A carefully selected blend of Moroccan herbs and spices float in 100% pure olive oil and extra virgin olive oil to create this exotic combination. Serve as an appetizer before a diner of lamb or steak. Taste the flavors of the Mediterranean, oregano, fennel, cumin and more.

Ingredients: pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, chilies, fennel, cumin, salt.  Made with equipment shared with wheat, peanut and soy oils.


Usage Suggestions

  • Great  for dipping or drizzling on bread
  • Create delicious crostini and foccacia
  • Splash on pasta for unique flavor
  • Use when roasting or grilling meats and fish