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BudiBar 10 Bars – BudiBar Sampler
BudiBar 10 Bars – BudiBar Sampler
BudiBar 10 Bars – BudiBar Sampler
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BudiBar sampler box is perfect for introducing friends and family to BudiBars or order one for yourself and enjoy all five flavors. You’ll receive 2 each Almond, Almond Dark, Walnut, Walnut Dark, and Cacao. Ten 2.5 oz. Bars.  

NOTE: BudiBars® are baked fresh without preservatives and kept frozen until they ship to you.  Please keep them refrigerated or frozen for longest shelf life, especially in warmer climates. Remember, BudiBars® can go from freezer to fridge to room temperature and back again as many times as you like, and they only take a matter of
minutes BudiBars Baked Freshto defrost at room temperature.  So, keep your BudiBars® cool and enjoy them to the fullest!

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