Monarch Cayenne Pepper Ground 16 oz.

Monarch Cayenne Pepper Ground 16 oz.

Item: 760611

Product Description

General Description:
A variety of a thin, red chili pod that is dried and ground. This pepper is very hot and has a strong, biting flavor. Tt is a deep rusty-orange color and ground to the consistency similar to paprika.

Serving Suggestions:
Add anywhere that heat is desired. Cayenne Pepper is good in most Mexican and Cajun dishes. Add to dips, nachos, guacamole, blackened fish or meats, pasta, barbecue sauces, buffalo wings, stir fry dishes and tomato based foods. Adds a flair of flavor to french fries and popcorn.

Use sparingly as this product is very hot. Be sure to use care when cooking with this product as it will burn if it gets in eyes or cuts. Start by using just a dash per serving and adjust from there.