Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)
Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)
Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)
Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)
Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)
Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)

Drake's Starlight Brownies (2 Boxes)

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Product Description

Looking for a classic treat with a celestial twist that will blast you out of this world? Bored with the same, old box-mix brownies? Liven up your lunchbox, afternoon snack or midnight treat with Drake's Starlight Brownies!

Our decadent brownies are chocolatey, and will satisfy your comfort food cravings. Then, Drake's takes them light years beyond by adding fun, white candy-coated chocolate chips that will have you stargazing before taking your first monumental bite of stellar deliciousness.

Drake's Starlight Brownies are individually wrapped making them all ready to slip into your bag for your daily voyage. They come six per box, so grabbing a few would be perfect for your space-themed celebration or meteor shower viewing party. Whether it's for a once in a lifetime extraterrestrial event of just your daily earthly life, Starlight Brownies might just be your perfect snack.

Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.  Each box contains six individually wrapped fresh brownies topped with white candy-coated chocolate chips (Total 12).

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