Elmo's Magic Cookbook Video with Emeril (DVD Format)

Elmo's Magic Cookbook Video with Emeril (DVD Format)

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Learn how to cook along with Elmo! In this very special show, the Genie of the Magic Cookbook takes Elmo and his friends to a magic kitchen. There they learn to make strawberry ice cream, dinosaur sandwiches, and pocket food. And a visit from Emeril Lagasse can only mean one thing: Kicked-up pizza, including instructions on how to bam on the toppings! It'll get your kids cooking! Elmo runs across a Magic Cookbook and unleashes a Genie that lives inside. Together, Elmo and the Genie explore the fun world of cooking and making food, with help from Emeril Lagasse and Heather Headley (star of Broadway's Aida), who show tips on making pizzas and pocket foods. Elmo and the entire gang show how making food can be a fun and nutritious activity for young and old alike. 50 minutes  DVD Format.