* Emeril's Rubs Assorted 4-Pack

* Emeril's Rubs Assorted 4-Pack

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The spice of life! Four delicious rubs for steak, chicken, ribs and fish. Top-quality ingredients chosen by Emeril Lagasse himself.

Chicken Rub - "You're gonna love my Chicken Rub. It's got two kings of paprika, ginger, real hickory smoke flavor, and other herbs for kickin' the chicken up a notch. Whether you roast, grill or fry, just rub some oil on the bird in about 1 tsp. Chicken Rub per pound. And enjoy some fowl play of your own."

Rib Rub - "My Rib Rub's got a special blend of spices for kicked-up, rib ticklin' flavor.  I use 2 kinds of paprika, 2 kinds of pepper, ground mustard and other great stuff.  Oil 'em first, and use about 1/3 cup of Rub to cover each rack.  Rub it and refrigerate an hour or two before cooking for the most flavor.  It's sweet and spicy and don't forget the napkins." 

Steak Rub - "Add extra sizzle to your steak with my Steak Rub.  It's a kicked-up blend of all kinds of great spices like garlic and coriander and 3, count'em, 3 different kinds of pepper.  Just rub a little oil and about 1/2 to 1 tsp. of Rub into each steak, covering completely.  Let em' set awhile (in fridge) for flavor build, then cook'em how you like 'em.  Bam-tastic." 
Fish Rub - "You know how a little lemon or lime can kick up the catch of the day?  Well, Fish Rub is my own blend of spices specially made for fish and other seafood.  And the kicker is that it's already got the citrus right in there.  Lightly oil, and use 1/2 to 1 tsp. of Rub to cover each filet.  Then cook it up.  You'll be hooked."


Emeril's Rubs Assorted 4-Pack

  • Chicken Rub 3.7 oz..
  • Rib Rub 4.72 oz.
  • Steak Rub 3.88 oz.
  • Fish Rub 4 oz.