Monarch Granulated Garlic 24 oz.

Monarch Granulated Garlic 24 oz.

Item: 200486

Product Description

General Description:
A free-flowing coarse powder with the characteristic flavor and odor of fresh garlic. This product resembles granulated sugar or cornmeal in particle size. Flavor notes include sulfur, toasted and carmalized.

Serving Suggestions:
Use in meat rubs, salad dressings, steaks, pork chops and vegetables. Use when a granular appearance is acceptable or desired. Sprinkle on buttered Italian bread or breadsticks for a quick and easy garlic bread. Indispensable for Mexican, Italian, Asian and Cajun cooking.


Use in dry form or combine with just enough water to form a paste. One pound of granulated garlic has the equivalent flavor of 5 pounds raw, finely minced garlic.