Ming's Red Handled Cutlery Combo (FK-140 WH-RD & FK-075WH-RD)

Ming's Red Handled Cutlery Combo (FK-140 WH-RD & FK-075WH-RD)


Product Description

Ming's Favorite Knives!

This handsome combo set features Ming Tsai's two favorite knives.  The FK-140 WH-RD red handled santoku knife slices easily into soft, difficult-to-cut foods, such as meat, bread and tomatoes and the FK-075WH-RD red handled paring knife is perfect for those smaller jobs and great with vegetables. Cutting is simple and the cut surface is smooth. The fine ceramic blades  leave no metallic taste or odor and help to maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetables. Being ceramic, the knives are also rust-proof. To clean, just rinse and wipe. No special treatment is required.


  • Red handle
  • Ceramic blade retains ultra-sharp edge for months without sharpening
  • Won't stain or rust
  • Impervious to food acids; won't brown fruits and vegetables
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced for optimal performance
  • Ergonomic handle is durable and comfortable
  • Made in Japan
  • 5-year warranty