Monarch Chives Chopped 1.12 oz.

Monarch Chives Chopped 1.12 oz.

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Product Description

General Description:
Monarch chives are premium freeze dried slices of chive leaves, uniform in size and green in color. Chives are a member of the onion family. Their flavor is reminiscent of onion, but a great deal more delicate. Freeze dried to preserve color and flavor. Kosher Union Orthodox.

Serving Suggestions:
Due to its delicate onion-like flavor, chopped chives go well with egg dishes such as omelets or quiche and egg based sauces. Use to create a tasty vegetable or chip dip or any cream cheese dip or spread. Garnish seafood, green salads, baked potatoes, potato or macaroni salads. Use when making herb breads. Use with beans, mushrooms, peas and tomatoes. An easy and attractive garnish for potatoes, eggs and vegetables.

Chives should be added to food just prior to serving, as the intense heat of cooking diminishes its flavor. Use where a mild onion flavor is desired.