Monarch Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 25 oz.

Monarch Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 25 oz.

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Product Description

General Description:
Exotic blend of thyme, crushed red pepper, allspice and other aromatic spices. Gives you a feeling of the Caribbean with a spicy aroma and warm, savory taste. This product is brown in color and is semi-coarse, as it contains whole as well as ground spices. Kosher OU

Serving Suggestions:

Use to season chicken, pork, seafood or beef by sprinkling on or rubbing into the meat before grilling, cooking or baking. Add to honey, wine vinegar or oil for a Caribbean style marinade for meats or as a sauce to brush on before, during and after cooking.

Sprinkle or rub on foods before cooking or grilling. Start by using 1/2 tsp. per serving and adjust to taste.


Ingredients: Spices, Salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Onion, Red Pepper.