Monarch Paprika Spanish Ground 18 oz.

Monarch Paprika Spanish Ground 18 oz.

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Product Description

Monarch Spanish Paprika is frequently used in Cajun and Mexican dishes. Its bright red-to-orange color and distinctive flavor add flair to a variety of recipes, both as an ingredient and a garnish. It's a classic when sprinkled on deviled eggs, cottage cheese and poultry dishes.

Used often in cajun and Mexican dishes. Mix with bread crumbs and batter mixes for a red visual appearance. Sprinkle on dry as a garnish to cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs or mix in foods where a red-to-orange color is desired. Add a finishing touch to poultry, seafood or pasta dishes, especially alfredo.


  • Premium product made from ground, sweet red peppers grown in Spain
  • Deep red in color with a sweet flavor in contrast Hungarian paprika is not as deep in color but has a more distinctive flavor
  • Commonly called ""the garnishing spice,"" paprika can be sprinkled on dishes tor an attractive garnish

paprika and less than 2% silicon dioxide to prevent caking.