Monarch Tarragon Leaves Whole 4 oz.

Monarch Tarragon Leaves Whole 4 oz.

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Product Description

General Description:
These broken leaves of the tarragon plant are fragrant, bittersweet, aromatic and slightly anise-like in taste. The leaves are mid-to-dark green in color and are thin and needlelike in shape. Tarragon is an essential herb in traditional French cuisine.

Serving Suggestions:
Tarragon is excellent in cheese spreads or mixed with butter for an herbed butter. Use to season tarragon vinegar, bernaise sauces, salad dressings and cream sauces. Sprinkle on chicken, fish or pork before or after cooking. Add a dash to chicken salad or potato soup. sprinkle over food and plate before serving for an attractive garnish.

Use 1/8 tsp. per serving at the end of the cooking process to allow for a more delicate flavor. Leaves may be crushed slightly before adding to foods. Because of its pungent, distinctive flavor, use sparingly.