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Nantucket Pasta Goddess - Fresh Gluten Free Pasta
Liliana Dougan's "Nantucket Pasta Goddess" was born out of the desperation of her gluten intolerant friends to find a gluten free pasta product that was actually worth eating. She began experimenting with recipes that don't skimp on the taste or texture found in wheat based pasta, finally settling on the perfect recipe that she believes is even better than regular pasta.

Her heart has been most touched by the grateful feedback of celiac sufferers who have had to give up so many foods for their health and now can eat pasta again. And, her greatest validation comes from the numbers of people who are not gluten intolerant, and tell her this pasta is better than traditional wheat pastas.

These pastas are not mass-produced by numerous factory workers with little personal connection to their product. She scours local farmers markets for the freshest peppers and tomatoes at the peak of their ripeness, the most perfect onions, the finest mushrooms, and newly picked herbs that fill the kitchen with their fragrance.

All of this is labored over, packaged individually, and made conveniently available to you for easy meal preparation that will delight your family and dazzle your guests.  These pastas are distributed locally in Nantucket and in the New England area.