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* Paula Deen Sweet & Smokey Onion Burger Starter 11 oz.
* Paula Deen Sweet & Smokey Onion Burger Starter 11 oz.

* Paula Deen Sweet & Smokey Onion Burger Starter 11 oz.

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Product Description

A rich and elegant blend...a Southern Sensation! Paula Deen has you covered with Sweet & Smokey Onion Burger Starter that will add zest and mouth-watering flavor to the burgers you make right at home.
Combine this kickin’ sweet and smoky onion seasoning with raw ground beef or ground turkey, shape into patties and fire up the grill! Start with 4 tablespoons per pound, then ramp up the flavor with a little more, if you dare. For even more flavor, brush lightly over burgers just before they come off the grill…WOW!
Create STUFFED BURGERS that EXPLODE with flavor! Divide 1/3 pound of ground beef or turkey into two thin patties. Place 1 tablespoon of Smoke and Fire Burger Bomb in the center of one patty. Top with remaining patty and press edges well to seal. Grill or pan sear as desired. AND…
From sweet and smoky meatball appetizers to the main course, off and on the grill…this sweet & smoky onion creation is “jammin” with “just right” heat!
Glaze pork chops and grilled chicken, toss with pulled pork, serve with blacked fish, shrimp or scallops!
Fill tartlet shells with Brie, then top with a dab of Smoke and Fire Onions and pop them in the oven just to warm…wow!


INGREDIENTS: Sweet onions, pure cane sugar, brown sugar (contains molasses), apple cider vinegar, fire roasted red bell peppers (sweet red pepper, water, salt and citric acid), natural roasted onion flavor, natural smoke flavor, jalapeno peppers (peppers, salt, acetic acid), Kosher salt, pectin, roasted garlic, garlic, minced onion, citric acid, black pepper and cayenne pepper.