Whether mixed in water or soda water, poured over shaved ice or ice cream or added as the secret ingredient to your favorite baked items, ZaRex tastes great because you choose the sweetness! Try all five flavors Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Orange and Sugar Free Raspberry.

Generations of New Englanders have enjoyed ZaRex since its introduction in the late 1930s.  Zarex flavored drink concentrate has been a New England favorite for over 50 years.  The first use of the product was simple: add 1 part syrup + 7 parts water for a sweet, flavorful drink.  Mix Zarex with lemonade, add as a topping to ice cream and fruit, or add a splash to your smoothies.  Zarex has so many fun uses, we are sure you will be able to dream up a few of your own.  If something sounds good, give it a try.  You may just invent a new flavor.

Zarex has stopped producing these syrups at this time.