About Olio Di Melli, LLC.

Olio Di Melli, LLC.  is a small company, committed to finding the best specialty foods from Italy.  They are unique because they personally take the time and trouble to go to the sources.  Their size enables us to maintain control over the quality of their imports.  

Tony and Rosemary seek out and get to know the producers, and in time, build a relationship with them.

They are usually family farms or family run businesses.  Then Tony and Rosemary taste their foods, and select them only if they are truly delicious and meet their criteria for best among similar items.  They also observe production techniques, so they can assure quality, purity, and when applicable, organic certification.  Each year in the autumn, before and during the harvest, they visit each of the farms.  They must be satisfied as to the continued quality and taste of each food they have selected. 

As ardent members of the SLOW FOOD movement, Tony and Rosemary believe in a philosophy of food that holds taste and gustatory pleasure above all else.  As such, they support the small farmer/producer, whose artisanal foods may cease to exist, due to dwindling craftsman and large food corporations replacing ‘real’ food with industrialized imitations.  

Education is an important aspect of what they do.  As committed as they are to quality and taste, they are also committed to informing and enlightening their customers, thereby enabling them to choose foods which please the palate, as well as body and soul.  They enjoy conducting seminars focused on the history, nutritional value, crafting process, and recipes.  The stories they share about the people they’ve met and the relationships they’ve formed make the gustatory experience that much more enjoyable.  

What their company is about is much more than buying and selling a product.  It is about a philosophy of living and doing business, and the significance of a quality of life.  Buon appetito and Buon Gusto are wishes they truly desire to bestow in their work.

Rosemary and Tony Melli started Olio di Melli, LLC., an importing company specializing in Italian specialty products just a little over nine years ago.  They began by serving the Boston and Cambridge areas, and presently sell their products to gourmet shops and fine restaurants from Darien Connecticut to Martha’s Vineyard .