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Autocrat Coffee Syrup 3-32 oz. (Quart Size) Bottles
Autocrat Coffee Syrup 3-32 oz. (Quart Size) Bottles
Autocrat Coffee Syrup 3-32 oz. (Quart Size) Bottles
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The small state of Rhode Island has been producing their legendary Autocrat Coffee Syrup for almost one hundred years. The yellow and red logo has become an iconic symbol of Rhode Island’s official state drink, its establishment in July of 1993 made the flavored syrup even more popular!

For many of us New Englander’s coffee flavored milk was a childhood favorite. Just two tablespoons of coffee syrup mixed with a tall glass of milk changed an ordinary morning or afternoon into an extraordinary one. Now, all grown up, we can create the same fond memories with our own children.

The original Autocrat coffee syrup is known for its smooth rich taste. The finest coffee extracts are used to create this addictive concoction. So addictive, that generations of families have kept at least one bottle on hand at all times to make Rhode Island coffee milk at home!

While coffee milk is the local favorite, Autocrat Coffee Syrup can be used in many ways:
• Dessert topping
• Ice cream soda
• Baking Ingredient
• Milk Shake or Frappes

Other Coffee syrup brands can’t surpass the great familiar taste of Autocrat Coffee Syrup that has grown to be recognized as a food from Rhode Island. Autocrat’s Coffee Syrup for milk has become a part of Rhode Island’s folklore expanding from a “hometown brew” to a recognizable specialty coffee syrup brand.

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