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Sharrock's Bakery Crumpets

Sharrock's Bakery Crumperts have a "MADE IN THE USA" heritage that extends over 100 years old. The story goes that the original owner of Sharrock's Bakery, whose name is unknown to this day, migrated from England around 1905 to come work in the mills of the historic seaport New Bedford, Massachusetts. Little is known about Mr. Sharrock, but what started as a small business has turned into today's modern crumpet bakery. Sharrock's Bakery crumpets are a very healthy alternative since their crumpets re fat-free and contain no cholesterol. Along with all of the family pride and hard work that they put into their crumpets, a secret family blend of flours set our products above the rest. Try them to enjoy and taste the difference!
* Sharrock's Original English Style Crumpets (6 Packages)
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