Kenyon's Grist Mill

Kenyon Corn Meal Company is a turn-of-the-century Grist Mill dating back to the early 1700's, and through its history, holding a reputation of quality.   They work from their vintage 1886 building, where not much has changed since its construction.  They still slowly grind all of their meals and flours the old fashioned way, with original granite millstones, keeping the natural nutrition of the grain in tact.   Stone grinding produces exceptional texture and quality not found in the modern steel-ground flours of today.  Kenyon's is devoted to offering ingredients that our health conscious society looks for today - ground the simple, old fashioned way of long ago.  Kenyon's also produce a delicious variety of mixes using our freshly ground grains, always with no additives or preservatives.   They also offer an array of helpful ingredients any baker would find imperative, as well as a line of preserves, chowders and relishes.