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The dedicated team at Famousfoods.com, Inc. has been providing our customers with delicious products and outstanding customer service for more than 20 years. Learn more about who we are and what we do below, and thanks for visiting!
Who We Are
At famousfoods.com, we love the flavors of New England and the role that delicious regional foods play in shaping a person's sense of "home".

Ask yourself, "Where is home?" It's a question that can have a simple answer, but that simple answer is probably defined by countless components. If you ask us, the tastes and smells of our favorite hometown foods -local favorites from the south coast of Massachusetts and the rest of New England - are a key ingredient that reinforces our own individual sense of home.

We are a team of people earger and proud to share our hometown flavors with folks throughout the country.
Our History
FamousFoods.com, Inc. was born in the late 90's 'Internet bubble', when eCommerce was in its infancy. However, its roots go back 4 generations. Luzo Foodservice Corporation was a family run, full line regional foodservice distributor that was started by the Ribeiro family back in 1935. FamousFoods.com got its start as a side venture by some of the team members at Luzo Foodservice when celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse, who has always had ties to the region, came to town for a book signing and wanted a local company to distribute his line of spice blends. He joined with Luzo Foodservice, who agreed to carry the spices and send a team to distribute them at the signing. Emeril was a bigger hit than anyone realized and the spices were gone before the event ended.

Following the lead of some other early internet pioneers, the Luzo team thought that these spices might be an ideal item to sell online and acquired the rights to create a website and ship them to Emeril fans & consumers nationwide. The spices were a huge hit but what really surprised the Luzo team were the number of customers who would see that the spices were shipping out of the South Coast of Massachusetts and reach out to inquire if the Luzo team would be willing to also ship them some of their other local food favorites. Things like; Coffee Syrup, Hoo Mee Chow Mein, Gaspar's Sausage, Drakes Cake's and Amaral's Bakery Sweetbread to name a few. It was not too long before FamousFoods.com was created to support this growing number of transplanted New England food fans. We have been fortunate to maintain this loyal following for the last 20+ years.
Our Products & Services
FamousFoods.com is a website that specializes in the distribution of regional New England foods, cookware and kitchen gadgets to consumers all over the United States.

However, Famousfoods.com, Inc. also helps other companies with their own direct-to-consumer and small wholesale distribution by managing their online shopping cart and handling the pick/pack/ship of all their eCommerce orders and internal sample requests. If you are a company in need of online order fulfillment, email us at Info@famousfoods.com for more information.
Our Mission
Our mission is to share all our favorite New England foods with the rest of the country. These are the rare treats or everyday favorites that remind us of home or family. We want to bring joy through food.

Maybe you are a transplanted New Englander and need a taste of a childhood treat or maybe you are just a New Englander at heart. Whatever the reason, let us send you that magical feeling we all get when a specific taste or smell triggers a fond memory of home.