Del's Lemonade

You may be surprised to find out that Delís Frozen Lemonade actually began in Naples, Italy when a man with the last name, DeLucia combined snow, sugar, and the ripest local lemons he could harvest to make an extraordinarily refreshing drink. The process started in the winter of 1840, when DeLucia began to gather armfuls of snow and brought it to caves where he could insulate the snow with straw. Once summer had arrived he harvested ripe lemons and used the juice to mix with the snow he had set aside. The combination of snow, fresh lemon juice, and the right amount of sugar created a flavorful frozen drink that he could sell at the local market.

Nearly a century later the concept was brought to America and Angelo DeLucia, who is one of the great-grandsons, began working on a machine that would consistently produce Delís Frozen Lemonade with the same refreshing, lemony, and sweet flavor. Angelo was successful in his attempt and the name ďDelís Frozen LemonadeĒ was officially acquired in 1948. The family business sold its products from a little stand in Cranston, Rhode Island. Years later Angelo developed the first mobile units to dispense frozen lemonade anywhere there were thirsty people. Today Delís operates over fifty franchises!