More than just an online retailer.

Did you know?... In addition to selling popular regional foods and kitchen wares on this website, we also provide ecommerce order fulfillment services and warehousing. We offer our clients a complete solution for selling their products on their own website direct to their consumers without the hassle of processing and shipping small orders. We pick, pack and ship all of your ecommerce orders for you. In addition, we can handle all customer service inquiries related to consumer orders, freeing up our clients to focus on their primary business.

Advantages of a partnership with FamousFoods.com:

  • 20+ years of experience processing and shipping online orders.
  • Easy integration with most popular shopping cart providers.
  • Your customers get to speak with live customer service associates who are knowledgeable about your products.
  • Fast processing: We warehouse all products that you offer online, which allows us to ship to your customers in a timely manner, often times the same day the order is placed.
  • Shipping direct to the consumer, while considered a necessary part of doing business, is time consuming and tedious for many small manufactures. FamousFoods.com handles the hard parts for you allowing you to focus on more profitable areas of your business.
  • Work with you or your marketing firm to execute special online promotions or offers.

Additional services we can provide:

  • Small wholesale order fulfillment
  • Sample order fulfillment Send a lot of samples to prospective customers or media contacts? We can send them for you.
  • Much more! If your company is in need of ecommerce order fulfillment, contact us today!

Contact Information:
FamousFoods.com, Inc.
376 Nash Rd
New Bedford, MA 02746
Ph) 508-993-9976
Fx) 508-997-8357
Email: info@FamousFoods.com