Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced ceramic knives and kitchen products, is proud of its longstanding relationship with Chef Ming Tsai. Ming, who has endorsed Kyocera ceramic cutlery on his Emmy Award winning cooking show, recommends Kyocera’s entire line of culinary products. His passion for educating the market about advanced ceramics has helped it progress from an interesting technology to a household reality. Today, home chefs can experience ultra-sharp, rust-free advanced ceramic knives and cooking tools in their own kitchens.

The first time I picked up a ceramic knife, I immediately fell in love with the incredibly sharp edge, balanced design and how it stays sharp chop after chop and slice after slice.  I am even more excited in helping find new ceramic applications for the home kitchen". - Ming Tsai -

Ming Tsai’s approach of pursuing a balanced lifestyle focuses on his healthy East-West style of cuisine.  Kyocera, with headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan, mirrors Ming’s approach by combining the strengths of the East with those of the West. 

Although Ming Tsai initially helped design his own signature line of knives, he was so impressed with the quality of Kyocera cutlery, that he endorses the entire line of products. In addition to an array of fantastic knives, Kyocera offers graters, peelers, and mandolins, all of which feature the Kyocera ceramic advantage. All of these products possess the same superior quality of Ming’s signature series and he is able to bring consumers the entire line of cutlery.