Eraz Corian Cutting Boards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Facts About Eraz Corian Cutting Boards


  • Q: What are Corian® Surfaces?
    A: DuPontTM Corian® Surfaces are made from the earth's natural minerals combined with materials made from the technology of man to create the most durable surface used in today's modern home and for commercial use.

  • Q: Who makes them?
    A: In staying with a philosophy that Meráz & Associates have adopted, the Eráz line of Corian® cutting and serving boards are made by Bear Mountain Productions, a subsidiary of the non-profit organization — the Work Training Center, whose purpose is to help developmentally disabled persons in the workplace. M&A are proud to have their products manufactured in the USA, while helping this non-profit do their great work.

  • Q: What's so special about a Corian® cutting and serving board?
    A: They are so versatile. Not only are they an ideal surface for food prep, but they are designed to use as a serving tray as well. Place hors d'oeuvres, cold cuts, vegetables and cheeses on them in the refrigerator, and they will stay cool for serving. Also Corian® is the only cutting board that will resist stains, odors, bacteria and germs. Wood, bamboo and plastic are all porous surfaces, which absorb bacteria and germs in cut marks made from everyday use. Cut marks made in your Corian® cutting board can be easily removed by using a green ScotchBrite® scrubber pad. With proper care, your Corian® cutting and serving board will look and feel new for a lifetime.

  • Q: Can I place hot pots and pans on my Corian® cutting and serving board?
    A: Yes. They make an excellent trivet.

  • Q: What is the Eráz warranty?
    A: The manufacturer will replace any cutting board that breaks because of a flaw in workmanship or in the material itself.

  • Q: What about my knives?
    A: Cutting on your Corian® cutting board will not harm your knives. Cutting meats, fruits and vegetables should always be done with a slicing motion. Heavy-handed chopping will wear any knife down, no matter what kind of cutting board you are using.

  • Q: How do I care for my Corian® cutting and serving board?
    A: The beauty of Corian® surfaces is that they are so easy to clean. Simply wipe clean with hot, soapy water, or for maximum results, use a ScotchBrite® scrubber after every use. Sand with 180 or 220 sandpaper to completely renew the surface.

  • Q: Are the cutting and serving boards dishwasher safe?
    A: Yes. Plus the 3MTM rubber bumpon feet are industrial strength and should never come off in the dishwasher. Unlike wood, bamboo or plastic, Corian® does not need to be sanitized with bleach or chemicals.