* Faneek's Coney Sauce Mix 12 oz.
* Faneek's Coney Sauce Mix 12 oz.

* Faneek's Coney Sauce Mix 12 oz.

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Just Add Meat!  Faneek's locally famous Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce has been made shelf stable! Faneek's has been around since 1966 and people all around the country crave their Coney Sauce.  This pouch contains a concentrated spice mix with directions on how to make the perfect Faneek's Coney Sauce. Their sauce is in high demand and a shelf stable version allows the whole country to get a taste of their local New England flavor. This versatile sauce mix taste great on hotdogs, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, nachos and more!


Ingredients: water, spices, tomato paste, vinegar, kosher salt, celery salt, garlic powder