Füri Tech Edge Sharpening Stages

More detail on each of the Füri® Tech Edge™ sharpening stages:

Stage: 1 Tech Edge Restorer
1. The Tech Edge Restorer:
  • Pull the blade back through the cutters several times to reshape a 'rounded' worn edge to new perfect angles. Used when introducing a worn knife to the Tech Edge system, and around once per year to ensure edges are perfectly set.
  • Use light downward pressure: just enough to remove metal, but not enough to bind on the edge, or create vibrations. Only pull in the backward direction, with the cutters facing away from you.
  • The Tech Edge Restorer replaces the need to use a stone or grinding wheel, for most knife sharpening, and is faster and much more accurate.

Stage: 2 Diamond Fingers
2. Diamond Fingers Sharpener:
  • Pull the blade down and back through the industrial-diamond-coated spring fingers around six times to coarse hone the cutting edge.
  • Go deep while pulling back (around half depth of fingers): this swiping motion replicates that of a Steel, to put the best ‘sawtooth’ hone on the cutting edge.
  • The Diamond Fingers Sharpener replaces the need to use a diamond Steel, and is faster and much more accurate. It will lightly reshape an edge in reasonable condition, and create a very sharp coarse honed edge.
  • Some people use only this tool, for simplicity, though the Tech Edge Restorer will more quickly remove material and reshape very worn knives, and Tech Hone will create a finer and sharper edge and remove less material for daily sharpening/honing.

Stage: 3 Tech Hone Fingers
3. Tech Hone Fingers:
  • Pull the blade down and back through the hardened stainless steel spring fingers 6-12 times to very accurately and quickly hone to a fine slicing cutting edge.
  • Use the Tech Hone most of the time (after the edge has been prepared on the first two stages), to maintain a very sharp edge with a minimum of metal removal and longer blade life.
  • The Tech Hone Fingers replaces the need to use a traditional Steel, and is faster and much more accurate.

Folded Tech Edge Handle
4. Portable ‘Fast-Fold’ handle:
  • Tough ABS handle with a wire safety guard to shield the hand. Folds flat to save space in the kitchen drawer, or in the chefs tool bag.
  • Safety first: Ensure your ‘handle’ hand is always under the wire guard whenever using Tech Edge!
  • Each Tech Edge sharpener component is interchangeable in the handle: quickly ‘clicked’ into the metal slot, and quickly pulled out to be replaced by another Tech Edge component.