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Kayem Deli Hot Dogs 5 LBS
Kayem Deli Hot Dogs 5 LBS
Kayem Deli Hot Dogs 5 LBS
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Looking for the best brand of hot dogs? Kayem Deli Hot Dogs are New Englandís go-to grillables for backyard barbeques, campfires, and ball games. Make it a truly New England hot dog and toast up top split buns and add on the ketchup, mustard, and relish! You donít have to be a grill master to prepare Kayemís Hot Dogs right; the juicy flavor and spices always make for great hot dogs! Kayemís bulk hot dogs are a great deal, especially if you plan on having large family gatherings, graduation parties, or just an impromptu barbeque. Approximately 40-50 tasty hot dogs per package.