Milk Lunch Cracker Stuffing Recipe

Congratulations to Sandra from Melrose MA! Her recipe for turkey stuffing with Milk Lunch Crackers was chosen as the winner of our contest! Sandra has won 6 boxes of Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers, and was kind enough to let us share her recipe with our customers!

An Old Lithuanian Turkey Stuffing Recipe - Submitted by Sandra in Melrose, MA

 “My family has been using this recipe for over 70 years.  My children (grown with their own families) won't eat any other stuffing.  What my daughter told me she loved most growing up was the smell of the onions cooking and then if there was any leftover stuffing - we'd sauté it in the skillet and eat it for breakfast.”

2    boxes Milk Crackers*

2    sticks butter

2    large onions, chopped

2    tablespoons whole allspice

2    eggs, lightly beaten

1˝  teaspoons salt


Grind milk crackers into fine crumbs in food processor.  Melt butter in large skillet and add chopped onion and cook over medium-low heat until onions are soft.  Put allspice in a plastic bag and break up with a rolling pin or meat mallet - to resemble cracked black pepper.  (Do not use ground allspice – it will taste totally different.)  Add the cooked onions, allspice, and eggs to milk crackers and mix well.  Heat milk in saucepan – approximately 1 ˝ cups.  Add just enough milk to moisten stuffing without making it too wet.  Then stuff turkey.  This will stuff a 20-pound bird.

*Editor’s Note: Sandra’s recipe originally called for the Royal Lunch Milk Crackers, unfortunately Nabisco decided to discontinue this line a few years ago. We have found that the Heritage Mills brand is the closest substitute currently on the market both in taste and consistency.