Nancy Cappelloni talks about Cranberries

Forget about Apples..
It's Cranberries that Keep the Doctor Away

You know you love them.  They're one of the most delicious, colorful and healthful foods at your holiday table.  So why not enjoy cranberries at every meal, all year long?  Especially because cranberries are believed to lower risks for everything from cancer to heart disease?

Fascinating Facts about America's Miracle Fruit

When witty and informative cranberry connoisseur  Nancy Cappelloni talks about the mouth watering "miracle fruit" that enhances health, vitality and longevity worldwide..people listen!  An accomplished storytelller and culinary whiz, Cappelloni will reveal:

  • Health properties of the succulent versatile cranberry.  It's fat-free, low in calories and sodium, high in fiber, and linked to prevention of numerous infections and diseases.

  • How wild cranberries helped early settlers survive in the New World

  • 101 favorite ways to enjoy cranberries every day, including juices, sauces, baked goods, cereals, salad dressings and condiments.

  • A fun filled quiz on how the fruit grows, and preserves our woodlands and wetlands.

  • How cranberries came to be a holiday meal tradition.

  • And much more on this fabled, fabulous fruit.