McCormick Mustard Ground Imperial Sysco 6 oz.

McCormick Mustard Ground Imperial Sysco 6 oz.

Item: 25142

Product Description

General Description:
A finely ground mustard flour that has been milled after the hull has been removed. Its flavor is much like the mustard condiment, pungent, slightly bitter with a hot bite. Its color will vary from light yellow to a deep yellow. It is very fine and similar to flour in its texture but contains no wheat flour or starch.

Serving Suggestions:
The primary use for this product is for making a mustard sauce or prepared mustard. For strongest flavor, mix with cold water and let stand 10 - 30 minutes before using. Use in white sauces, salad dressings, potato salad, BBQ sauces, chicken, pork, chili, eggs, coleslaw, deviled eggs and ham. Add to honey for an easy honey-mustard sauce or glaze.


Add dry to foods or mix with liquid to use on foods. Use 1 tsp. per serving and adjust from there. If heated immediately after mixing with water or with an acid liquid such as vinegar, full pungency will not develop, as heat and acid deactivates the enzyme reaction that causes the flavor. Be sure to add to foods late and cook gently or the zesty, tangy flavor will fade.