* Drake's Boston Creme Yodels (2 Boxes)
* Drake's Boston Creme Yodels (2 Boxes)
* Drake's Boston Creme Yodels (2 Boxes)

* Drake's Boston Creme Yodels (2 Boxes)

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Product Description

Indulge in the symphony of Drake's Boston Creme Yodels, the latest masterpiece in snack-time from Drake's Cakes. Each Boston Creme Yodel offers a delicious twist to your day with its Boston creme-flavored filling, elegantly spiraled within the cake. A luxurious coat of Drake's signature chocolate-flavored frosting completes this harmonious treat, crafting a moment of pure bliss with each bite.

Every carton contains ten twin-wrapped Yodels. Whether as a morning treat alongside your coffee, a chilled delight to cool off, or a quick snack on the move, these Boston Creme Yodels are a versatile choice for any occasion. Certified Kosher, they're a delightful option for everyone seeking a taste of nostalgia with a gourmet touch.

Don't just take our word for it—experience the enchantment of Boston's classic flavor with Drake's newest creation. Add this product to your cart and let the rich, creamy swirls of Boston Creme Yodels sing a sweet serenade for your taste buds!

Each box contains 10 fresh frosted creme filled Golden Cakes (Total 20).

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