* Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers 15" (Set of 4)

* Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers 15" (Set of 4)

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Double-pronged stainless-steel skewers make kabobs easy to assemble, and easy to cook.  No more twirking food-turn once during grilling and you're done!

"These Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers are a fancy version of my kabob "laddering" technique.  For years, I've instructed folks to use 2 bamboo skewers and thread the food with both skewers so it looked like a "ladder" of food.  The double skewers prevent the food from twirking around when you try to turn them.  This allows the kabobs to cook evenly and you only have to turn them once halfway through the cooking time!  I borrowed the look of a pitch fork and dressed it in shiny and mat stainless steel to fit any style or palate.  These double skewers are hamdsome enough to serve at the table and come with a "pusher" that slides up the prongs to push the food off the skewers, easily and elegantly!  That's music to my ears!"  Elizabeth Karmel


  • Handsome Cpntemporary Design
  • Built-in Pusher for removing cooked food
  • Double Prongs keep food in place
  • Perfect for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables
  • 4 in a set with safety caps on ends
  • Dishwasher safe