Kyocera Ceramic Dual Scraper
Kyocera Ceramic Dual Scraper

Kyocera Ceramic Dual Scraper

Item: CPW-10BK

Product Description

The Kyocera Dual Scraper offers two tools in one for easier removal of household grit and grime. One side of the scraper features Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic edge for cleaning tough surfaces such as cutting boards, barbeque grills and stainless steel pots. The other side has a plastic edge for cleaning more delicate, coated surfaces. Both edges are set into a lightweight, ergonomic handle made of durable plastic. For superior performance, this handy tool features Kyocera’s one-of-a-kind advanced ceramic, Zirconia 206, a pure, dense material that is 50% harder than steel and second only to diamonds in hardness. This gives the Dual Scraper unusual strength and versatility. This scraper can be used around the house for removal of rust, paint, glue, lacquer, mildew and more. The ceramic edge is not to be used on glass, glass-ceramic cooktops, non-stick surfaces (e.g. Teflon) or delicate glass-ceramic tile work.


  • Ultra-Durable
  • Ergonomic Handle Lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Rust-proof
  • Efficiently Cleans & Removes