Monarch Seasoning Blend Organic Salt Free 500/.6 Gram Case

Monarch Seasoning Blend Organic Salt Free 500/.6 Gram Case

Item: 3569548

Product Description

Salt-Free Seasoning Packets are a clever way to add healthy flavor to any dish. Perfect for hospitals or healthcare facilities who have patients with dietary restrictions Salt-Free Seasonings boost flavor on everything from eggs and main dishes to salads and more. A heart-healthy table option individual packets add convenience and portability to meal service. Giving up salt doesn't have to be bland with this versatile seasoning option.

This seasoning blend is a mixture of flavorful herbs and spices that adds a superb taste to any dish.  Impeccably balanced combination or organic onion, garlic, and vegetables.  Salt-Free Seasoning Blend enhances taste of any items without adding sodium to your diet.  Kosher U.  Contains 500 - .6 GR Packets.


  • Salt-Free
  • Healthy flavor
  • Individually packaged
  • Heart-Healthy
  • Boosts flavor
  • Convenient: Individual packets are portable
  • Designed for Dietary Restricted Guests: adds flavor without salt
  • Versatile: Great on eggs main dishes salads and more
  • Easy storage
Ingredients: organic dehydrated onion & garlic, organic spices (including mustard), organic dehydrated vegetables (carrot, tomato and parsley), organic dehydrated citrus peel (orange & lemon), citric acid and organic lemon oil.