Culinary Secrets Cinnamon Ground 15 oz.

Culinary Secrets Cinnamon Ground 15 oz.

Item: CE733

Product Description

General Description:
Ground Cinnamon comes from the bark of selected cassia trees.  It is a traditional spice for baking and desserts.

Ground Cinnamon isn't just for baking!  Add a dash to roasted chicken or pork chops for extraordinary good taste.

Serving Suggestions:
Tastes good in cakes, puddings, cookies, custards, breads and fruit. Mix with sugar and use for topical applications to coffee cakes, muffins or cinnamon toast. Can also be used in small quantities in meats, seafood or ethnic main dishes. Try sprinkling on hot beverages like cocoa & cappuccino.

The primary use for this product is in baking applications. A pinch of ground cinnamon will add an interesting flavor to many sweet foods, as well as meat stews, dried fruits and winter squash. Always delicious in breads, apple desserts and sweet potatoes. Try in meat rubs for poultry.