Agave Sweetened Chocolate Chili Truffles

This recipe is a dream come true for those of us who have a sweet tooth and like to eat clean, healthy food that makes us feel alive and vibrant. 

3/4 C.      Cocoa powder, sifted
1/2 C.      Raw, organic agave
4 Oz.       Unsweetened chocolate
1/2 C.      Cocoa butter
1 Tbs.      Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont Chocolate Chili (optional)
  • Add sifted cocoa powder, Chocolate Chili, agave and cocoa butter to a double boiler (you can just place the pan with the mixture on top of another pan containing water if you do not have a double boiler).
  • Stir until melted and combined well.
  • Pour into chocolate molds or shape into a ball and refrigerate about one hour. At this point, you can shape it into little balls or egg-shapes - whatever you like, and eat them plain or roll them in cinnamon powder or cocoa powder or topping of your choice to decorate. This is a great opportunity to play with your food!